Going All Google

Have you ever gone to Google.com just to see what the "Google Doodle" of the day is?

I have. Numerous times. My most favorite ones were when Google paid tribute to Les Paul, and when they celebrated the 30th Anniversary of Pac Man. You can see a full list of doodle's here.

I love that concept. Taking a logo and letting loose a little. Not being so starchy with your "brand."  I was recently given the green light by our Marketing Manager to "have some fun" with our logo. Pulling in some of our graphic designers, I asked them to create different designs that we could use throughout our social media sites.

What they came up with was using the "M" of MATRIX and giving it life. So over the past few months, our M has celebrated several holidays, honored our country, and even gave a glimpse into "her" heart as a Mother of a little "m".

I know you're not running to your computer daily to see what the new MATRIX "M" is, but I'm sure you have a favorite. Or maybe you have a clever idea for a design, I'd love to hear that too! 

Leave a comment, and let us know which is your favorite MATRIX "M".


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Adam Waid is the Director of Marketing at Mediacurrrent, an industry-leader in helping organizations architect custom Drupal websites. Adam is also a MATRIX Alumnus, where he worked closely with the Sales and Recruiting organizations to develop differentiation strategies, create content, and drive CRM and social media initiatives with a single goal in mind - build stronger, more meaningful relationships with our clients. Leveraging new technology, the latest social media trends, and a good mix of traditional marketing, Adam grows online communities.   Follow Adam on Twitter and Read his Social Media Blog.


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